“People think that writing is writing, but actually writing is editing. Otherwise, you’re just taking notes.” — Chris Abani

Developmental Editing

From concept to final product, I’ll address the “big picture” issues, focusing on how the content and overall organization support your purpose and answering questions like these:

  • Is your main idea clear? Is it well supported?
  • What’s there that shouldn’t be? What’s not there that should?
  • What needs to be developed further?
  • Are things in the most effective order?
  • Are they presented in the most effective format for your audience and purpose?
  • Does it need to be longer, shorter, or go in an entirely different direction?
  • Do you have a consistent style? And is it the most appropriate style for your audience and purpose?

I’ll provide a detailed roadmap for as many rounds of revision as you desire.

Line Editing

While I still consider all of the big picture issues, line editing focuses on the sentence level. If you already have a solid draft, I can help you fine tune your text so your ideas are as clear and powerful as possible, and I’ll do so while honoring your unique voice and style. I’ll also ensure your work adheres to any style guide you must follow. (Don’t have a style guide? Let me know. I can help.)

Copy Editing

This is the nitty-gritty grammar and typo check. I’ll quickly but thoroughly clean up any errors (including in formatting) and ensure your work adheres to any style guide you must follow. (Don’t have a style guide? Let me know. I can help.)

Reader Report

If you have a completed document or manuscript, a reader report will give you honest feedback from an editorial perspective that focuses on your target reader’s experience. I won’t edit the text directly but rather provide a detailed report that points out what works well and what could be better and provides specific suggestions for your next steps. We’ll also schedule a phone call to review the report and give you the opportunity to ask any questions.


No two clients or projects are alike, and no project, despite the most careful planning and best intentions, goes exactly as planned. That’s why I work on a per-project basis, proposing a fair and competitive price only after a detailed review of the scope of work. I’ve found that per-project arrangements allow me a deeper level of reflection and dedication to the project, which benefits us both.

When we discuss the scope of work and, in the case of editing, I review a sample of the writing, I’ll be able to provide a detailed proposal with rates and time frames included. I’ve learned that things always come up, so we’ll build in a certain amount of flexibility, but know that there will never be unexpected fees. We’ll agree in advance on any changes to our arrangement.

Please note that rush projects are always more expensive.

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