I’ve always been a writer and editor. I started scribbling short stories in grade school, head shot croppsedworked as a writer and copy editor for my high school newspaper and a writing tutor all through college, and went on to become a college English instructor and freelance writer and editor after I earned my MA in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University.

I’m constantly composing and compulsively editing. I’m a perpetual student – I read and research, then research some more, even after the project is complete or my question has been answered. I know the grammar rules and I know when (and why) to break them. I know how to sift through pages and pages of ideas to untangle the thoughts that need to be shared and figure out the most effective way to share them (which may not always be in words). I believe, as Tarang Sinha says, that “Editing is the essence of writing.” Get your ideas down on paper, however rough or unformed, and then shape them into something beautiful and transformative. And I believe that’s true of every kind of writing. Proposals and poems, memoirs and memos, blog posts and brochures – they all have the power to transform readers.

I think my more than 20 years of experience teaching are at the root of my effectiveness as an editor. I’ve coached hundreds and hundreds of writers of all ages to help them more clearly and effectively express their ideas. All those years of teaching writing tricks and techniques as well as years of close, critical reading and evaluation of texts have taught me how to coax the best possible writing from others – and from myself.

In addition to writing and editing for others, I have multiple writing projects of my own, including a novel in progress and some poems, one of which was selected by Anders Monson as a runner-up in Quarter After Eight’s 2016 Robert J. DeMott Short Prose Contest.

I’m also a homeschooling mother of three and a yoga teacher specializing in yoga for hypermobility and trauma. I’m passionate about yoga as a healing modality, and I’m excited to be co-authoring a book on yoga for hypermobility. There are many beautiful
parallels between yoga and writing, but what pulled me in and keeps me teaching and practicing is the way yoga gets me out of my head and into my body. Yoga helps me find balance and keeps me in touch with what really matters: being present and being my best self for me, my family, and those I serve. (See my yoga pages here.)